Annual Service Check List

Bulldog Supply Annual Service ChecklisWhat we do on our check list!

All Vehicles

  • Inspect front hub assembly
  • Grease front suspension fittings
  • Lubricate F & R contacts
  • Check fluid level in rear differential servo
  • Lubricate charger socket
  • Lubricate accelerator pedal group
  • Lubricate key switch
  • Clean battery tops and terminals
  • Torque all connections to 95 inch lbl
  • Apply battery terminal protector
  • Batteries - Fill to proper level
  • Air in tires
  • Clean and adjust brakes
  • Inspect brake cable operation

Additional for Gas Units

  • Replace oil filter
  • Replace oil
  • Replace fuel filter
  • Replace air filter

Additional for IQ Carts

  • Energy units
  • Faults
  • Throttle percentage
  • Speed settings
  • Function 4 CDM Did cart charge properly


  • Does charger work?
  • Inspect charger cables

Batteries voltage readings

Inspect Toe-in and Camber 

Need alignment?

Checking all accessories and list them