Gas vs Electric golf carts

When determining what you need in your new utility vehicle fleet, it’s important to understand the differences between gasoline and electric models. With these tips, you’ll learn what to ask for, and ultimately how to determine which type of UTV is best for your needs. What to Consider with Gasoline Models Look for gasoline models with powerful name-brand, automotive-style overhead cam engines with electronic fuel injection (EFI), such as Carryall utility vehicles. They deliver better Read more

Golf cart annual service check list

Annual Service Check List What we do on our check list! All Vehicles Inspect front hub assembly Grease front suspension fittings Lubricate F & R contacts Check fluid level in rear differential servo Lubricate charger socket Lubricate accelerator pedal group Lubricate key switch Clean battery tops and terminals Torque all connections to 95 inch lbl Apply battery terminal protector Batteries – Fill to proper level Air in tires Clean and adjust brakes Inspect brake cable Read more

Baseball Little League

Peachtree City Little League is heading to the World Series! First Georgia team since 2011. I talked to the players and coach today. Good luck boys! Posted by Doug Evans FOX 5 on Thursday, August 9, 2018 Bulldog Golf Carts is proud to show our star James M Hooper as being part of the Baseball Little League of Peachtree City. James Hooper Jr. is the son of JHopper  – owner of the Bulldog Supply Commercial Read more