Golf Cart Division

Angela Ethridge
Angela Ethridge - Office Manager

Angie Ethridge - Office Manager

  • Angie has been with Bulldog Golf Carts for over 15 years. She knows then ins and outs of every aspect of the business. She is the busiest person at Bulldog Golf Carts. Accounting, payroll, commercial accounts are just some of the major duties not counting many other managerial tasks that she is involved in day by day operations. Thank you Anige for all the hard work you do.
Greg Hackett Service Manager at Bulldog Golf Carts

Greg Hackett - Service Manager

  • Please welcome Greg to our team. Greg has been general manager in the fast food industry for over 27 years. Due to extensive travelling and long hours, Greg has decided to pursue a different career so he had more time to spend with his family in PTC. He is an energetic person, with positive attitude and he likes the things to be "done" in a timely manner. Due to his extensive background in customer satisfaction, Greg understand the importance of following up with his customers in order to keep them informed about the cost of their repairs and recommended services. We're more than happy having him being a part of our team.
Bulldog Golf Carts - Zack Bigam Parts specialist

Zach Bigam - Parts Specialist

  • Zach has been with us for a while. He has a broad knowledge of all the parts you need for all your Club Car carts . He is the busiest person in our team. Constantly he is on the phone answering part inquiries, ordering parts or helping customers at the front counter and taking care of rentals too! His efforts and time is well appreciated through our team members. He's playing an important role in our organization and he is doing a terrific job.
Bulldog Supply Keith Benson Salesman
Keith Benson - Sales

Keith Benson - Sales

  • Keith has been with Bulldog Golf Carts for over 7 years. He has earned his reputation on sales by being a honest, knowledgeable & down to earth salesperson. He always is going the extra steps just to be sure our customers are happy with their purchases. He has many happy and repeat customers coming back to trade their golf cart for a new one or just to upgrade the one they have for a newer version.  Indeed, if you need a golf cart, new or used, then Keith is your "man".
Sales department

Bill Manto - Sales

  • Bill is a retired successful business man. He and his wife enjoy their retirement to the full extend. However Bill had to much free time on his hands and he decided to join Bulldog Golf Carts sales department just to keep himself busy, meanwhile providing helpful services to his community in Peachtree City. His previous knowledge as a business man is a big plus for our team. He has a great experience in sales and marketing and with all of his abilities we couldn't ask for a better team player. Thank you Bill for joining our team!